The Development Strategy of “Big Tourism and Big Market” in Dongying

In the general framework of the social and economic development strategy of Dongying, tourism and lodging industries are occupying an important position. The tourism development plan of Dongying finished at the end of2000 especially stresses the policy of “ big tourism and big market ”. The Standing Committee of Dongying Municipal People’s Congress also believe that in order to meet the requirement of the tourism development, the city, especially the tourism system should further boost up the consciousness of big tourism and speed up the development. Whether it is from the viewpoints of international traditions or from the tourism theory and practice in our country, the hotel industry is the most important part of tourism industry. In fact, the successful implementation of tourism development strategy must be based on the tourism enterprises with core competition advantages. In the course of establishing the micro basis of tourism development strategy, the state-owned enterprises and institution units should assume more important responsibilities and should become a flag of a model and guidance.

1.3 The Strengthening of the Competition in Regional Market

From the development in the 9th Five-Year, the gross tourism income in Dongying had reached 582,000,000 Yuan. In 1999, the foreign and domestic tourists in the city had reached 1,358 person-times and 200,000 person-times respectively and the tourism foreign exchange income and the tourism gross income were USD 421,800 and RMB 143,000,000 Yuan respectively. It can be concluded that the tourism industry in Dongying has already established a basis and is presenting a tendency of speeding up. But with the formation and development of the market scale, the competition becomes more and more furious. By the end of 1999, the number of tourist hotels and travel agencies had reached 25 and 9 respectively. In domestic tourism market, hotel enterprises, represented by Lanhai Company and Yellow River Grand Hotel Viajar en lhasa became strong competitors to the Dongying Hotel. Meanwhile, new star hotels, such as the New Century Grand Hotel, are entering the advanced government and business reception market and will increase the competition greatly.

1.      4 Changes of the Internal Resources and Employee Structure

With time running by, employees and managers of the hotel have changed a lot in their identities, ages, and knowledge structure and value orientations Viajes estudiantiles en china. These changes have breathed new life into the service and management of the hotel on the one hand, and have put forwards higher requirements to the operation and management of the hotel on the other. Therefore, a series of problems have now come to the top of the agenda for the decision makers and managers of the hotel. For example, how to keep sustainable development? How to face more and more furious market competition? How to improve the internal management levels How to intensify its vigor?